it is fucking 2.05am in e morning yet i’m still awake, not because i want to, but because i have to. why? cos, well, theres work to do. i also wish to crash into bed e moment i reached hm but no, tt kinda luxury has long been taken away frm me and panda eye days are here to stay. yippe hooray.

kinda stressed so i need to rant la, can? my blog, just let me rant la, can?

valentine’s is approaching but i dont feel e excitement e joy anymore. i dont feel it naturally already u see, just like hw im so not excited for new yr except for e fact tt im gg to get money. valentine day even worse right, nth to look forward to. its like, ok, i’ve been there, done tt, so whats nxt? go ahead, surprise me.

nt to mention, nxt sunday is gg to be my 3yrs anniversary w him. i really wanna feel excited, i really do, but its hard to when im tied up w work and all i can think of when wkend if approaching is to slp and recharge after im done w all my work. or perhaps a full body massage will be good too.

die leh, why i so not excited one. and simply nt making any big plans for it?

ahhhh, i wanna be whisked away to a short holiday but i know tts nt gg to happen anywhere in e near future and i dont think tts gg to happen either even if baby is working, he is sweet, but nt e romantic type. slap me for living in e clouds but dont all girls dream? ok maybe not all, but most.

sry baby if i didnt get anything for u for dis yr vday and anniversary, tell me wad u like, i buy for u k.

i dont think any eye cream is gg to help my increasingly dark eye circles.

its been a long while since i last seen my friends, i miss them so.

i am thankful for ppl like mingzhen and shikin who understands my workload and is so apprecative and caring and not to mention, supportive towards me. they made my life way much easier and for tt, im thankful. its just nice to be appreciated, u know?

im almost done w my work and im contemplating shd i just go n slp and continue w my work tml. and email nicole at e same time. maybe i shd. cos my brain really isnt gg to function well since its slp deprived.

i’ve countless of bruises and i get bruises easily which reminds me leukemia. do u know leukemia patients get bruises easily and their bruises take a long time to heal? i’m like tt too. tts why i’ve always been suspecting i will die at a young age. hahaha.

stupid toto just ate my money. there goes my nutrionist deg and car, damn it. hahahaha! wonder who is e lucky one to strike it rich this time round. im not a huge gambler, but i like to, what i call, buy a hope.

ok i think im gg to slp cos i really cant tahan anymore. ciao.