Carebears makes me happy!

 So many gloomy posts, one after another. Shall leave some happy posts here, and tt is, carebears!


me and babe were definitely tired to e core cos when we were on our way to JE on thursday, we started playing w our carebears and giggled and laughed like nobody business. only ppl with not a right mind can do such throwing-face actions.

we were tired, so is funshine and cheer. 4 of us were very very tired.


Like Owner, Like Bear. hahahahaaahha. i still cant stop laughing whenever i look at this pic leh! Shikin, how?! Pls do something abt ur funshine’s hair. It has gone frm frizzy to lumpy. hahaha omygosh! soon it will become botak!


funshine doing Yoga, e table pose. Cheer tried doing but she’s too fat. bum too big. LOL. ta-da, pose perfect!


She said this is superman, cos its against e wind or something. ok lor,  u say superman, so superman it is!


meet Harmony, my newest bear to my carebear family, bought by him a few days ago.

on a sidenote, i’m meeting my another harmony later! cant wait! 🙂