Pet Society IV

 I havent been playing pet society so diligently for e past wk or so cos I’m too tied up in work and was too tired to play it. Frankly, Pet Society isnt a good way to waste your time on, e time playing it can be used to do much better stuff. But, this morning i woke up, to my pleasant surprise, i got 1k in lottery (my 1st time getting a 1k lottery) and there r tons of new valentine stuff for vday.

Cuteness overload, seriously.

Also some overdue pictures tt i took over e time, cute stuff which i think is worth snapping.


this is my small area of a living rm which has CNY decorations (which i took dwn today). The rug, i got it from e mystery box and i bought that sticker to paste on e door. i refused to waste thousands on e other CNY decorations though. haha!


both of us were dressed in traditional chinese new year clothes.


and see what my friend did when i just merely asked abt e robot? she gave it to me leh! and this robot is frm mystery box la! walao eh! damn nice of her. i was v happy w my new toy (am starting to invest alot on toys and my kitchen, haha!) !


and i put him on my cute chair, which i got frm mystery box! hehe, see, he get to sit on new and fav chair!


lots of notes and presents. up till now, i still get v excited when i see parcels or notes on e floor. haha i will wonder who is it from mah!


in my previous (super long ago) P.S post, i mentioned i’m gg to change pinkko’s look right? this is her new look, she’s a cat now! no longer a deer! hahaha, but i’m sure those who play P.S have seen her new look longggg ago la. for e benefit of ppl who dont play P.S and who reads my blog. heh. btw, this is her taitai outfit. even zhongcai left me a note and mentioned my pet looks like some tai tai living in luxury. zhong cai ok! mingzhen’s boyfriend. LOL. no link.


her CNY clothes. i even add in a lotus at e bottom to make it seems more chi-na ish.


my caveman look! i love this top la, cute or what?! got it frm mystery box as well. hehe. so tribal-ish. oh speaking of tribes, SURVIVOR IS BACK! this friday! YIPEE HOORAY!


love struck. though i would think she just look dazed. hahaha. new items, only for this week! i always whack those items tt were for this wk only cos its gonna be selling at e shops for 7 days nia, 7 days over, no more such stuff!


check out e roses!!!!!!! awww, hw sweet. i’ve bought e sparkling pear juice, e heart shape lollipop, the rose pot and tt huge ass rose in tt small container filled w water. i’m planning to get e bouquet of red roses for myself. hahaha. and just leave it in my bedroom.


and over here, I’ve bought e teddy bear, e 2 balloons and im planning to get e pillows as well. throw in on my bed, on my sofa. i love pillows! 😀

alrighty, ciao.