Hong Kong Loots



wondering what’s up w my title? haha, and no, i didnt went to HK! my dear sweet friend of mine did, ms yeow! and she brought back alot of stuff for me! 😀 some on requests, and some she kindly got it for me cos she loves me!


and its quite alot of stuff, considering this r stuff ppl got it for me frm some other country, ok!

in total i’ve got,

  • 3 long sleeve tops (it was winter in HK u see)
  • a nightie
  • 6 panties (for my sis though)
  • 6 pkt of handicraft items
  • a necklace
  • bowl of maggie, heh!
  • 3 supercute disney chains
  • a couple hp accessory frm Disney Hongkong!
  • a pair of earrings


my clothes! my 3 long sleeve tops were altgt, 21bucks SGD and my nightie is only 8bucks! 8 freaking bucks. heard frm m.zhen that in HK, there’s a wide range of nighties available and more often than not, u can find alot of designs similar w Vs one. at a much cheaper price. but this nightie is abit too long for me, im gg to alter it to my desired length. i dont like anything beyond mid thigh. 😀


e 6 damn cute and pretty pantiessss. my sis gave one to me. teehee. 6 for 10 bucks. cheap!


those who know me, know i love these type of handicraft items. mzhen got this frm TW and it was selling dirt cheap over there, it was like 1buck to 1.5buck per pkt? helllllllooooo~ cheap or what?!


all e staff mingzhen got for me! 🙂 so sweet of her! i always liked it when ppl get me stuff frm overseas cos tt means, ur someone tt matters to e person right? for e person to rmb u, and to bother getting something for u. let alone so many items! see the cute keychain w the wang zai xiao man tou look alike thing on top? she got it cos she rmb me saying that i like it can!

awwwwwww. 🙂


she bought e full set and she proceeds to let me chose e ones i like first, i like minnie and pinnochio, but then again..


it’ll be very sad if e both of them is seperated right?! so mingzhen asked me to take all 3 of them (i think cos she see me really cant make a decision, i suck in DM!) hehehe.


and i had this for my mon’s lunch! damn cute leh this maggie and it taste nt bad as well. hehe, i love maggie mee lor. but i wont eat if often cos its super unhealthy.


check out e fishcake! whahaha her face with a frowny, cos shes gonna be eaten? cute, i like!


thanks babe for helping me getting my stuff, and for showering me w so many lil gifts of urs! im touched, really! and welcome back to SG! i’ve been looking forward to have u back so tt we can go out tgt, work tgt as a team during work n many more la!

many many loves! 🙂 floral floral tml~ wahahah.