3rd Valentine's;3rd Yr Anniversary

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it seems like ytd when we just spoke to each other over MSN, where we exchange conversations for hrs and hrs. it seems like ytd when we were looking forward to each other’s message on friendster (yes we msg each other thru friendster, see hw ancient! i dont even have a friendster acct nw! haha!) while you were away on Australia for your training. it seems like yesterday when you asked me out on valentine’s day on 2006 and gave me e monkey pillow tt u secretly wrapped while we were on our way walking to Marina Sq.

it seems like ytd where we exchanged our first hug, our first kiss (our first kiss damn exciting, in a park! haha!), our first date, everything! ๐Ÿ™‚ although it’s been 3yrs, and we’re not like some young couple anymore w so much enthusiasm for EVERYTHING, but i tink we’ve already go on to e nxt lvl of a r.ship. where we are more mature, for our nxt lvl of commitment in this rship.

we’ve grown alot as a couple andย i believe tt we have helped each other to grow as an individual, for e better. we have our fair shares of up and down but luckily, we’ve always come through it all and emerged as a stronger one. like what you always like to say, solution. the keyword is solution, there’s always a solution to everything, right?

i look upon you as almost my everything and you play a great part in my life.

i love you baby, happy 3rd yr anniversary.