Shopping, I realised, is alot like Love.

Β I was crapping w lin over MSN cos we were both very excited about our most recent VS’s buys (did i mention, they’re having this crazy sale? grab it while stock lasts man!) and I was justifying for our buys. I was saying how shoppers like US, help to rebuild the economy and at e same time, we managed to save money cos we all got it during SALES times.

but then agn, who are we kidding la? we wont care if e economy’s good or bad, we wanna shop, then shop ok! nothing can stop women from shopping!

then I suddenly said shopping is alot like Love.

and why did i said that?

well, cos, like Love, you cant ctrl when is it going to happen (really, seriously u cant ctrl, if e urge is here, its here!) it just happen. it can happen when u least expect it, at e most unlikely time at e most unlikely place. its unpredictable, and tts what makes it beautiful and exciting, no?

Like Love, you dont put other external factors into consideration. like the timing, the opinions given by other ppl, you just follow your own gut feeling, something in ur gut tells u, this is something worth having, no matter what others say.

Like Love, you need to give yourself a chance to try it out before you will know whether it works, and even if it dont, you can at least tell yourself, nvm, at e very least, i’ve tried. and you will feel all better, cos u know u’ve given it a shot.

Like Love, you have to jump and take a leap of faith once you’ve gt e chance. cos there’s no right time in Love, neither is there a right time in shopping. You see it, you like it, you get it. As simple as that. And its more often than not when you’re taking your time to consider too many things, that your item is being bought/taken away by somebody who is standing near by, waiting for their chance.

Shopping, is indeed, alot like Love isnt it?!?!?!

And speaking of shopping, ofcos i did some recently. hehehe! Last night over e internet and today! at J8! happy or what! *WIDE GRIN*


just wanna post this Eye Serum i’ve bought at bodyshop ard 2 wks ago. it cost me ard 40bucks and I got it for my dearest mum cos she’s whining to me hw her dark eye rings are so jialat and stuff. heh! I know i’m filial, i know. πŸ™‚


and lo and behold, one of my fav words in e entire universe, SALE. πŸ˜€

50-70% storewide sales ok! STOREWIDE. and J8 m)phosis is dead or what, haha! which makes it e more easier for me to shop! mingzhen got something frm there in e afternoon as well right! ur romper!


i bought this! for 14bucks only? cos its 50% off. it looks nicer in real life cos i didnt put flash thus its a tad dark. anyway, orange&brown! such a cute and fun combi isnt it! no? LOL.

i bought a skirt as well, e brown w ruffles at e bottom, which is quite short. =X and tt is ard 18bucks? no pics cos i accidentally del it and im lazy to upload agn. maybe i will wear it on thurs, when i meet Amanda Liew WanJun! ahahahaha. see! i rmb ur full name!


and i made this! πŸ˜€ can anybody guess what’s inside? teehee.


YES! STICKERS! w my own name! i finally finally get this done! cos i refused to do it you know, even when i really really love it cos i dont have so much things to paste on! but nw w work, i have files, and other chapbalang stuff, i guess it shd justify my action for doing this set of sticker la huh. 7bucks only. make me feel so happy.

and i got an extra 1 sheet!

cos if u look carefully, there’s actually a sticker missing on e upper right hand side so e lady print out 1 additionalΒ sheet to compensate that one missing sticker.

I was thinking, i dont mind somemore missing stickers man. hahahahahha! πŸ˜›

erhem. here comes e exciting part. last night, i placed order for my alltime love Victoria Secret’sΒ cos they’re having their semi-annual sale. (yippe hooray!) in total, i bought a cami&panty sleepwear, a tote and a passport holder. but, my passport holder went oos already. 😦 OMG. SAD CAN! YOU KNOW HW SAD I AM ANOT!

and its pale pink. bloody hell. damn sian la! but nvm, i shall look forward to my other 2 items!


my VS tote! 6.99USD hor! TELL ME, IS THIS CHEAP, OR CHEAP?!


my cami&panty set. i got a feeling baby is gg to love this. ahahahah. cos its short. you like right! πŸ˜›


 and this, is e gorgeous pale pink passport holder, that will never be mine. 😦 sad can. hai.

ok i’ve come to e end of this post, and i got this v strong feeling, women is so going to agree w me on this post, but for man and those who dont shop, is gg to say, what a load of crap.

it’s not ok! πŸ˜›