i’m finally here! w my belated VDAY post!

so last saturday, baby and I were chefs for e day (mainly me ok! erhem*), we went shopping for ingredients at Giant located at IMM and we went back my hse and whipped up a storm! shouldnt be much of a problem was my initial thought before i start chopping up e bloody onion and garlic.

hell man, those were difficult to chop up! esp since my knife needs some sharpening! so blunt! i think chop my finger also wont bleed lor. ok la, not to that extent, just exaggerating. LOL. πŸ˜›

e abv picture was me, very pek cek over chopping of e onion.

Menu for e day was:

  • Spag w meat bolognanse (spellcheck! suddenly forget hw to spell, damn.)
  • campbell mushrm soup w fresh mushrooms for e added health value. LOL.
  • HaggenDasz melon ice cream for dessert
  • Peach wine to wash everything down


chopping up e onions. who know onion is so difficult to chop?! haiyoh, chop till damn pekcek. pieces were flying here and there but luckily, i didnt teared while cutting them up. cos i washed my onion under e water first; trick taught by my dearest cheche! πŸ™‚


posing for e camera~ smileeeee. πŸ˜€




and, finally, its done! muahahahha. some were small, some were big. i know cos i’ve picked away some and left it at one corner of my plate while im eating my spag. haaha. baby is absolutely horrified when he know im adding onion and garlic into e dish. he hates them.Β  i love them. so, who wins? me. LOL.


i was happy for like 3secs after im done chopping w e onion, COS, there’s still e garlic! but garlic is way easier in my opinion. i think i quite got e seh in chopping leh. LOL. i keep telling baby, dont judge whether can i cook or not based on my cutting skills. cos i know they sucks, no la they dont sucks, they r just abit rusty. but i know i can do well w this dish one!


baby helped to cook e spag. πŸ™‚ which i think he ‘s been doing when at work? right, baby?


ok, we bought a small box of fresh mushroom, thinking, this should do. but when i start cutting them up, i realised, hmm, tts a lil bit too much of mushrm for a small can of campbell isnt it? but continued cutting anyway cos i already thrown away e box. lol. yea, turns out, ALOT OF MUSHROOMS.


told ya. haaha baby gt a shock when he saw this. its more like a stew rather than soup. soup supposedly to have more water, isnt it? i think e mushrms sucked up e soup man. n ofcos, i’m just talking rubbish here. hahaha.


me cooking the bolognese. i realised i gotΒ e same cooking stance as my mum. just that she’s a righty and i’m a lefty.


to let it simmer, simmer for awhile. πŸ˜€ our family dont cook bolognese e conventional way, we add stuff inside e sauce to have a tangy feel to it. ofcos, all these taught by my cheche! tt morning i had a panic attack cos i forget to ask frm her hw to go about cooking it and i faster sms her for e recipe.


wahahaha, we even bought wine glasses frm Daiso! just to have e, mood la. LOL.


yummy!!! mouth watering sia as im posting this post up. cos im hungry, and its raining, and it will be damn nice to eat spag w a bowl of piping hot mushrm soup.


Peach/Orange wine with only 6% alcohol content. hahaha, more like drinking fruit juice!


me posing w e wine while baby washes up e utensils! bwaaahaha! i hate washing up! so glad i have a boyfriend who dont mind washing up e bowls and plates and whatsnot for me. teehee.


No fancy cutlery in a fancyschmancy restuarant. Just e both of us, inΒ my kitchen, eating watever that we’ve cooked, drinking wine as we just talked about all sorts of stuff. Pouring e mushrm soup into one huge bowl and sharing it tgt. It feels great. It really does.

I think, its e Valentine’s tt I’ve enjoyed so much thus far. πŸ™‚

and my spag is NICE ok! hahahahaha. πŸ˜›