I just got to rave about this

I met up w baby after work today but! He was not feeling well. 😦 Awww my heart pained to see him like this you know, cos in our 3 yrs realtionship, he’s always been in the pink of health! Now i know how he feels when he sees me sick. And i’m like, constantly sick can! This wont do! I shall go to the gym regularly now. Esp since he mentioned tt I’ve grown fatter. thanks ah.


anyway, I digress. This is not e focus for this post! So, he was feeling unwell, thus I will have to go back myself since he wont be driving me back home. Turns out, his daddy offered to fetch me home! Along w e mummy (his parents go everywhere tgt one) and I was happy enough tt they are driving me back home, but noooo. They didnt stopped just there.

When we reached my blk, they get out of e car tgt w me, and WALKED me all e way to e staircase which leads to my door, stand dwn there and see me walked towards my door then they go off leh!


Imagine la! Its not even 10pm when they literally fetched me home you know!

Super sweet actions from his parents, and yes, I’m super touched!

I’m so glad I’ve found such good uncle and auntie lor, seriously!