Cheche loves me! (Part I)


She popped her head through the door and we greeted each other e usual way and then e white package that she’s holding way up high caught my attention.

Guess what cheche buy for u?

I knew there n then! TIRAMISU!


Imagineee e joy when such a sweet surprise happened?! I was screaming literally with JOY can! She got it at JP after her proj discussion, and mind u, JP is like how freaking big nw w the 2 wings? She gt her assessment bks for her tutees from e old wing, then make e long journey to e new wing’s Icing Room (under breadtalk also, e boss must be damn freaking rich!) w e bks and her 2.5kg laptop! Awwwwwwwwww. How sweet right?!

Cos she knows meimei has a sweet tooth and I especially love eating such delicate pretty stuff! πŸ™‚


Tiramisu! Yummy! I love e creammy part, cos it reminds me of scramble egg. I dont know why it reminds me of it la, doesnt even taste similar! hahahah!


Me very happy with my Tiramisu. hehe. Ignore my messy hair pls. What u expect, AT HOME LEH! hahahha! E focus here is my happy priceless expression i got cos of my sis’s sweet surprise to me ok!



thank u cheche for the sweet sweet surprise! MWAKS. love u! πŸ˜€