My gifts to him

 Yep, here is my post on my valentine/anniversary gifts to him. 🙂 (ya i better get this posted before Feb is gone and March is here! hahaha) I got the presents super last minute, like 2 days before Valentine? And on friday, I was still doing some last minute shopping before I went off for work! But my gifts for him were still thoughful and useful! My main objective for e presents is, it has to be something he’s gg to use, or gg to need. I dont see e point of buying stuff like a hugo boss cologne (believe me, I’ve tried psychoing him to use it, cos i love e smell!) cos he just dont wear them!

and here are my presents, from me, to you. 🙂


I got this simple box frm Daiso, having e misconception that its gg to be quite big after I folded it up, but hell no. Its so small and I cant really close it properly. There will be a bump in e middle cos there’s too much things for this puny box!

Oh Ya. I nearly accidentally tore e box while folding it up cos I couldnt bother to read e instructions on e paper given. I let out an audible gasp when one of e flaps had a rather conspicuous tear to it. Duh. I’m so gg to read every instructions given to me carefully nxt time.


I got the 101 ways to say I love you cds collection! 🙂 Cos, sometimes, you need to be a little innovative to say those 3 words. 😀 I so wanna get e discs frm him la! E songs are mostly in e 80s and early 90s. I like!


A novel by Stephen King! He is quite an ardent fan of his so I got him this book. I placed lil post-it notes on all of my presents, saying a lil something why i got him e present. LOL. and this is,

to entertain urself with ur fav. author while waiting for me! 😛

he took a look and was like, SO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR U LA?! hahahahha.


A last min gift while I was walking through Popular. I think he could use some of these, sometimes i think he got a memory of a goldfish. A cheap but super useful gift. I wonder is he using it. Hmmmmm.


EZ link sticker! Cute or what?! LOL Bruce Lee leh!


and a handwritten note on e back of my photograph. 😀


My love box to him. 🙂