Told you I was fat

 I was staring at my mirror reflection (ya if possible I always do in front of e mirror so I can see how my body looks.) as I was doing some exercise for the abs. I was telling myself to keep up w what I have now cos I was real fat last time. All my fat pics were gone cos dear me dont do back up, thus if my com die on me then tts it, pics will be gone too.

But i found this.


See! See how fat I was?! See my face?! Hw big it is! My stomach that is threatening to burst through my jacket?! I love wearing jacket last time cos can cover my fats! See how sad it is?!

Anyway i find it funny how 2yrs dwn e road (taken in 2007), Mark got fatter and I got slimmer. Think he suck all my fats frm me. hahahahah.