No Social Life

hannor. very jialat, recently, I’ve realised I’ve got no social life.


prolly cos im always so dead tired during e wk days that i couldnt bother to go out after work anymore. unless im meeting baby. haha! its different when i meet him ok, cos he will send me home. he will give me massages, help me to carry my bag. my friends wont do that! ok maybe if i force frank to carry my bag he still will. ahahahah!

i need to get a life. seriously. boohoo.

all work and no play is making aunty w an old maid! ok la i know it doesnt goes like this but it still rhymes, right? hahaha. oh oh, i realised i keep saying “ohmygoodness” for e past week or so. it just sounds so nice. haha. im excited for my classes on sunday. hopefully aunty shikin wont fly my aeroplane if not i will stare her down w my killer looks. but then agn, both of us are desperate to shed some fats so i guess she wont. šŸ˜€


need to fill up tt pink organiser of mine w dinner dates w friends tt i’ve never met for sooooo long. oh suddenly i miss mr liu. ahahaha! tml is a long day for me, but i get to meet my beloved gwendolynnnnn! hehehehe. and my riheng! *screams*

I sincerely pray. Let me get through this, please.