Ytd, I went for my 2nd brazillian waxing with Amanda love.

Still very impressed w Lynn because she is still as gentle as ever, making everything done in a v comfortable pace and making us, e customer feeling v at ease!

So much so I shall post it in my blog!


I underestimate my travelling time to Raffles and I was late for my 3pm appointment. Thus I asked Amanda to head dwn on her own first and I shall joined in later. Anyway, actually Lynn dont open during Sunday but she was kind enough to make her way down for out appointments! πŸ™‚

Amanda was already in thus I was left outside, in e cozy environment w soothing music playing in the background. I was bored so i start taking pictures! hehehe.


This is e toilet! Very simple and nice, gt a resort-ish feel to it as well, i find! hehe.


My outfit for e day! I really love this high waist shorts btw. hahaha. Both amanda and I were wearing white tube tops and carrying VS’s bags. Just different design. Talk abt similarity!


E very cozy environment! Anyway I was reading up all e SHAPE magazines! I want a hot bod hot bod for my langkawi langkawi. Which i think is difficult difficult. So, damn it damn it! Hhahahha.


I love my camera for obvious reasons! It takes warm pictures! HAHAHAHA.

Me and Amanda signed up for this 85bucks package which consist of 3 sessions! Which is supremely reasonable i find? Each session less than 30 leh! She used a combination of hard chocolate wax and soft rose wax. Which I find e pain is really ok. Though lin told me before she tried soft wax and is @$^&%^# painful but I find it ok. In fact, for both soft and hard wax, e pain lvl is ard e same I find.

Hear frm Lynn she is planning to relocate her shop frm Clarke Quay to Orchard, which is gg to be more accessible for most of e ppl, and more shopping to be done afterwards? Good for those bfs tt r waiting for e gfs! Wahahaha.

Totally recommend you guys to go blushwax for a session to try it out! πŸ™‚

Yeahness! Bare like a baby and Im planning to hit e pool on saturday! πŸ™‚