Hug a Bug



I’ve always like children’s storybooks because, really, whats there NOT to like?

Its creative, entertaining, with great illustrations, little words to be read, yet they bring across such good and positive messages most of the time. It enable the children to read independently with proper guidance, and at e same time, they get to learn something from it!

Every wednesday, I’ll go to this centre of mine and I’ll always look through their library corner cos the books inside are forever updated with new ones!

Once I read abt this book, where this creature dont know who he is and he went ard asking. all e animals and ppl dont wish to befriend him just because he looked different, then came a character and befriended him, so this creature asked him dont you want to know who/what i am?

This character turned and looked at him and goes,

I know. You’re my friend.

Awwwwwwwww. Isnt it like e sweetest? 🙂

I love children’s storybooks and I enjoy storytelling, I liked e fact that they are engaged by me and will ask qns and will learn a lil something after it. (I like to infuse alot of questions when I do storytelling, and they tend to be open ended qns.)

So much so to e fact the centre’s tcher know abt it and she introduced me a book to me today. Abt hw a man had this old worn coat and so, he made a jacket. And the clothes keep spoiling so he keep making something smaller, w e good cloth. It teaches children how they can create something when they thought that have nothing. Illustrations of e bk is very creative as well and very engaging. But urgh, i forgot the title! -_-” Shall ask ms teena agn nxt wed!

And i found this, Hug a Bug book in their library corner today! 🙂

A very sweet and nice read, teaching children how a hug, hw a simple action from them can bring across such warmth to the ppl who is on e receiving end. It also teaches children to be appreciative, isnt it? Cos e Illustrations included all sorts of ppl, even animals, and even a bug! 🙂 From the cook, to e hairdresser, to e mailman!

I love children’s storybooks! Always wanted to start a collection of mine but its really expensive! Much more expensive than normal fiction bks. But i will start on them someday! 🙂