Entire thursday burnt.


I do not have work today but still, my entire thursday was burnt! But then agn, life has been pretty hectic for me ever since e start of April (for very good reasons) and for e past weeks, i’ve been sleeping later and later and my eyerings are getting darker and darker. shit.

I was up and early today for a meeting and then in e noon, me and a lovely of mine went to JP’s bakerzin to continue discussing stuff. I love bakerzin’s cheesecake!


Friends, pls dont leave ur belongings esp wallets and hp etc on the open like this. Dangerous k? Hahahaha. Especially when there is no wall whatsoever at e sides. tsk tsk.


My date for the day! 🙂 Sweet sweet her, gave me a super nice surprise early in the morning already you know?!


She bought this book for me, cause she hoped that I know how much she loves me! Awwww, how sweet is that la?! Thank you my dear! I really like it alot! 🙂


Desserts are like best friends- they should be there when you are happy or sad, having a good day or bad. They should sweeten your life and bring a smile to your face simply because they are there! 🙂

How very true, isnt it? And how apt it is, having dessert on this afternoon with a v dear friend of mine.


Our desserts. 🙂 Yumyum, dont even bother thinking abt  cals im putting inside my expanding body. gosh.


Us! 🙂 I edit the colours of the pic to get an oldish feel cos e wallpaper gives me tt kinda feel. Mz is crazy over e wallpaper la! No, not wallpaper. Cloth. Cos to our pleasant surprise, its soft when we touched it!


An interesting fact I found in their menu. Gosh, thats ALOT of strawberries.


Cotton On shorts: 15 bucks (2 for 30 promo)


Cotton On pumps: 10 bucks (2 for 20 promo)


Cotton On top: 10 bucks

Verdict? I love Cotton On la! Cheap and comfy casual wear! 😀 Its a cotton on day for me!


Hello little sealy! I realised this pic is damn pink. hahahah.


So busy, but with what?


Ahhh, that is a secret. 🙂