2 more days

2 more days and I will be on my way to Redang but I havent even start packing yet!

Cos there are so many things for me to do first before I can go settle my own things la!

Do you know for e past few weeks, I’ve been emerged in meetings, emails, liasing and then this bloody cycle just keeps repeating itself over and over and overrrr again. I’ve been meeting mingzhen for so many times, discussing things and however much we discussed, we dont seem to cover everything! Thus, another meeting is arranged yet again. Plus, its e month end, e busy time. I have work stuff to settle as well, and its all getting abit too overwhelming for me.

Dont even remind me tt my trustworthy driver who has been helping us for e past 10mths is gg to leave end of this mth. And nth has been settled yet for this part. Ok, kill me.