Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming..


That’s me underwater! Hahahaha! We were actually wearing lifejacket but because for e sake of taking photos, I took it out and e diver will PUSH you dwn to let you take the picture. We took photos during the 2nd day of ur snorkeling, and each photo cost us RM5 each. clever way to earn money right?!

Btw, those are flower corals, poisonous one though.


Another shot frm e same place, the diver asked me to bear my teeth and give a naughty pose. And i did just that. hahaha whats this man! I’m a professional cam whore (along with erhem gloria, and erhem, weilin) for goodness sake! teehee.


Check out e fishies swimming around! And not my fat tummy and weird pose! HAHAHAH. I LOOK SO WEIRD LA LIKE A FAT FISH. WALAO EH! but im just following the diver’s instructions mah!

he told me to put hand at waist, then e other hand stretched out.

damn it shouldnt have listened to him. i look  f-a-t.


And this is flower corals as well, poisonous or not, i dont know though. Hmm. But I managed to touch one of the non-poisonous one though, you know why?

cos i’m a girl. hahahaha. ok la, will save tt story for another post!


me and gloria tgt underwater! tell you, the fishes are like abundant there. they just swim all around e place. and i got like a small nervous attack whenever a big school swim past me, i have this phobia of things in abundance. except for money, clothes etc and diamonds. 😉


oops, the photogrpaher missed out gloria!


another one! 🙂 i didnt know a fishie is swimming so near me! EEKS.


check out e ship wreck.

yep, all those pictures are taken at the shipwreck. the diver told us we are v lucky to have our pics taken there cos of e strong currents there, thus trips to over there wasnt common. so, lucky us! 🙂

i know i have a mark right at my forehead but hello! must wear e mask damn tight ok! if not sea water gushes in and then i blinded by it how?! I was wearing contact lens la! me and gloria damn scared it will be too loose and we keep helping each other to check whether is it tight enough.


this is another snorkeling trip, in the afternoon! 🙂 this place got alot of NEMOS! yeah! finally, i get to see some nemos. hehe. check out e few nemos in the picture!


this isnt a good shot and i know i look weird with e mask la ok! hahaha everyone does! 😛


and end it all with a pose above water! say cheese!

stay tune, more pics coming up! 🙂