I want these!

Its been quite awhile since i shopped from Victoria’s Secrets. And I was just (itchy fingers) browsing through their sleepwear (again) and I fellllllll in looovvee with these.


come on in and be tempted! whaahahah.


I think either colour looks nice leh. like damn sweet kind. and dont it just looks comffffyyyyyyyyy?


I like to wear long pants to sleep as well. Why? To lock in those moisture la! Hahahaha! Ah, guys wont understand. Girls who dont apply moisturizer before sleep wont understand as well. Its all for beauty, babeh!


I like e colour! I like colours of this hue/shade. It looks damn cooling too.


Fav of them all! Can someone get this for my 21st? And keep it till sept and pass it to me?! LOL.

Awwww. pretty pretty!