Someday I wish upon a star

And so, for the first time in a very long time, I spent my saturday, alone, at home.

Along w a Mcdonald’s Extra Value meal (yep, ur eyes aint playing tricks on you) and w my beloved Hugh Jackman. Just that he is inside the tv screen looking so god-damn ssssmoking hot&sexy in tight jeans and a 3/4 sleeve top. And kissing Nicole Kidman very, very passionately. damn it.

Australia is a wonderful movie, not just cos Hugh Jackman’s inside. But the storyline was great, not like any other normal movies, lots of genres packed into one movie. 2 thumbs up. But I think i wont survived the show in a cinema though cos its 3 hrs long and I paused the movie twice to go to e toilet. I’m so gg to rewatch it whenever I feel like there’s a need to curb my Hugh’s craving. Yes, along w kate&leopold. Awwww.

There were parts where he just look so god-damn freaking good in e movie i screammmmmed out loud, alone, in the house, and then start giggling to myself cos he is just too good to be true. seriously. Sigh, Deborra-Lee Furness! YOU ARE SO GOD DAMN LUCKY!

Anyway e reason why i’m spending sat night alone is cause joey is off to Hong-shoppingland-Kong for 6days! Im kinda regretting that im nt joining him cause of e shopping. But nvm, its ok. I know I will set my foot there someday in e near future and sweep everything off e sale racks. Just u wait. bwaaaahahahaa.

Hopefully he can get me some nice Anna Sui wallet! 🙂 tralalala. Oh yes, he is nt paying for it. Its gonna be paid by my sis. My 21st bday present. 😀

Oh yes, he cut his hair, a super last min desicion when i mentioned he look very untidy in his unkempt hair and now he looks abit weird w his new spanking short hairdo cos e hair stylist gives him a whole new look which I’m nt tt sure tt it fits him. Perhaps when it is a bit longer. 😀

Right now i’m damn excited cause Cecelia Ahern, one of my fav authors in e WWW btw. Her book, If You Could See Me Now is currently in progress into becoming a film! And guess who is playing e lead role? WAHAHAHAH.

YES! HUGH JACKMAN!!!! AWWWWWWWW. the invisible friend! cant wait cant wait!!!!!!

Right now its back to reality i guess. I still have stuff to do. hahahaha. Oh, bummer.