We went to the science centre!

Β DSC03536

And we learned that Sex is a survivial strategy! Woohoooooo!

waahahahahhaha. πŸ˜€


Its been nearly a decade since I last stepped into the Science Centre. Ah, bring back so much memories even though the things have changed. But i rmb always gg to the Science Centre for excursions and particularly because I was in the Science Club during pri sch ok! Mai siao siao hor! *smirks* hahahahah!

A last min decision to go there, cos baby havent been to e IMAX theatre before and we wanted to catch the Da Vinci exhibition. but we reached there ard 430pm and sci centre closes at 6pm. thus we r gg to leave the Da Vinci exhibition for another day. πŸ™‚ Ah, its so nice to do something out of e norm, finally, for a change! πŸ™‚


Anyway, check out the ah beng who just returned from Hong-swine flu-Kong! hahahahha.


Check out e huge zit on his cheek. πŸ™‚ *evillll*


First, we went to the Kinetic Garden just outside Science Centre. wah, lots of damn interesting stuff ok! Joey and I were like kids, trying this and tt out.


See this huge yellow dish with a round ring in e middle? This thing is like cool beans. There are 2 of such dish in the kinetic garden, but they were being placed far away from each other. And you can use this to communicate to each other! So baby and I were communicating using this la! DAMN COOL OK. just speak into the ring in the centre will do.


and tts baby on e other end. FAR OK! i zoomed in this picture, amazing right? no shouting required nxt time, just have 2 large dishes will do!

collage horo

And some constellation signs in the sky. All the 12 different ones are there. Nw i know, tts hw a Libra looks like in e sky! hmmmm. i shall go back redang and find. hahahaha.




Sometimes I really do think we make a pretty nice couple. hahaha. πŸ™‚ right?


I’m bringing home a baby dinosaur, wont my mummy hide behind the door? I’m bringing home a baby dinosaur, CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP! hahahhaha. ok i dont think anyone will understand this except for aunty mingzhen. πŸ˜€

Then here are some of e interesting stuff we see in the exhibitions.

collage painting

Smiley and Frowny. Just rotate e picture upside down will do. heh.


You see hw e foreground of e painting is just sea w very choppy waves? But check out the reflection, its actually a painting of a man! Interesting right? I wonder hw e person draw it.

collage doors

Notice hw e doors of this picture will move. These 3 pictures were taken at 3 different points, its a 3D picture, thus making the motion of the doors possible.


In this, you should be able to see a man playing a violin and a piano. But i think you can only see one here, cos this is actually a rotating sculpture.




hahahha. baby killed me. that ruthless man!


Now this is one interesting thing, there is this knob outside for u to ctrl the speed of the water, and you can make it fast or into slow-mo. I wonder hw they make it happen though. LOL paiseh! I always play play then forget to read the explanations at e side. whahaha.


Small typhoon/hurrican/tornadoe. I cant differentiate these 3 leh. Whats e differences? LOL. anyway damn cool, u can touch it. πŸ˜€ i told b it feels very harry potter-ish. U know where Dumbledore will take out the memoriesw his magic wandΒ and put it into the bowl? hahahaha!

collage space

Check out the HANDPHONES mannnnn. Retro or what?! LOL. This section is where they will explain abt space and cyber stuff la. Like A.I, like how some of the gadgets they use in those sci-fi flicks in e olden days actually do come true. Like handphone is one of them. Nt v interesting leh this. Doesnt interest me as much.


Very, very scary girl robot. Funnily enough, it reminds me of jasmine. Hahahah! Dont ask me why! It just do!


Just in case anyone wanna know what Internet really is. πŸ˜€

collage game

Wah! I like this thing. You see all e chinese words on the paddler? Well, u put one paddler on the black thingy right, then the computer will read out the words, and the image of e word will even pop out in e screen! U see e fish on top of e paddler in e 2nd picture? Cool right! I think every hsehold shd have this lor, considering the outrageously poor standard of Chinese for most singaporeans. pif. I’m not one of them. πŸ™‚ hahaha!

collage adidas jacket

woohoo, check out my Adidas Original jacket! πŸ˜€ baby bought it for me in HK!!! hehehhe. happy or what?!


Is e cotton candy preeettaaae or what? Sweet right e colours? hhaaha! but as usual with me and cotton candy, i gt sick of it pretty fast. yep, i’m a huge cotton candy fan, of its colours and texture and basically e way it looks. but nt e taste.



*nomnomnomnomnom. actually eating cotton candy no sound right. hahaha, but nomnomnom just sounds cute. like a hamster.

collage fish

Oh, theres fishes in the science centre too. Reminds me of Redangggg. hahahhaha! the fishes are exactly e kind that you will see in Redang la! But bigger in size though.


Ohhh i like this! Pinhole Portrait! U have to stand afar to see the picture of Albert Einstein underneath. If u stand near to it, its just a metal sheet with holes.

collage mask

Baby playing with a toy mask which u control it by your fingers. hahaha, and he can make the mask do the Xi Nu Ai Le so nicely la! Same mask leh! but it really look like it has different expressions right? lol.


Us in the Omni theatre. His first time there! Phowar, i think i’m too old for it man. I actually gt dizzy soon after e show starts. I dont rmb having this sort of problem when i watch shows during my pri sch days leh.


And this is the show we watch, Sea Monsters! Cooooool. I love watching such discovery channel-ish shows. Its amazing hw Earth change over time, imagine most of the land now is actually seasssss. with such creatures swimminggg in it? hmmm.


One last pic before we leave. One pic with the dinooo! πŸ™‚

We willΒ  be back there soon! To see the Da Vinci exhibition! heh!