Holding Hands



Today, after my dinner with Gloria at bukit batok, I decided to walk home instead of waiting for the bus cos i just missed one, and I know i’m gonna wait super long for e next 187. thus, the decision, besides, i can walk off some calories as well. 😀

i was listening to my mp3, walking damn quickly as usual when i notice that there’s a couple just right in front of me, walking real slowly, and then i noticed something.

their hands were damnnnnnnn near to each other, but they are not holding hands.

my guess was they are still a young couple la, like, havent proceed to holding hands yet. LOL. so i purposely walked damn slowly to see what will happen and there are SO MANY TIMES when e hands were damn near to each other but e guy just wont go and hold the girl’s hand leh!

i was thinking,

walao eh stupid. JUST HOLD LA.

then then then..

the guy just suddenly grab the girl’s hand. their fingers interlocked..

he turned and smile at the girl, and she smiled back.

awwwwwwwwwwww. sweet or what? 🙂 le sigh, i miss the honeymoon period, really.