Hankering after stuff that you can't have


Funny how humans like to compare people and how they always think that the best is somewhere out there, waiting for them. And in result, neglecting the ones that are by their side.

I’m sure all of us are guilty of that, someway or another. I admit, I am too, esp when i am in the starting of a rship. (ahhh silly mistakes tt we all commit at the start. hahah!)

I will compare him with other people, saying things like, so and so can do this, why cant you? why cant you be like so and so. He will also say stuff like, why cant you be like so and so, she is gentle etc etc etc.

You know, i think its human instincts. to compare and contrast and then thinking that if you compare enough, and u say enough, perhaps one fine sunny day, he/she will turn into e perfect one for you. but im sure all of u guys shd know that, its not possible. if u still think tt it is, i strongly advise you to wake up frm ur sweet lil dream. so instead of  spinning this lil dream, i think its much more better for us to wake up frm it, and to see whats in front of us, and to accept and love e person for who he/she is.

right? 🙂

i admit, i’m nt e easiest person to love. i have a weird temper, and i am emotional. i am demanding.  along with other good traits of mine la ofcos! i have good traits ok, but just listing dwn e ones that will put any other normal man away from me. but joey he stay with me, after all these yrs, which amazed me. ever once i asked him before why will he tolerate all these and then he replied,

cos i love you mah, so i will accept all of these.

ya lor, to love a person, means u have to accept for he/she is. whether good or bad, u must take e whole package. right? just like hw joey can irritate me most of e times but i will still accept it after i rolled my eyes at him cos i love him, and i will accept him for who he is. (seriously lor, sometimes i think its such a strange thing i will be with him. we are so different frm each other’s ideal partner image. really. haha!)

it isnt easy. to accept someone with open arms, and to love someone despite knowing this person inside out. at times i will feel jaded and tired. which is v normal i think, esp for long term rships. loving someone and maintaining a rship isnt an easy thing. u need time and effort.  it dont happen just like that. *snaps fingers* but ofcos, it takes 2 hands to clap la.

why am i saying all these ah. i dont know leh. i realised i digress frm my initial topic right? LOL. aww.

anyway, i think what im trying to say is, dont waste ur time and effort on something that you know u wouldnt have. to keep on dreaming and hankering after things u cant have. instead, use all these time and energy to go and shower more love, care and concern on someone who already love you for you are. despite ur smelly farts and irrtating lil small habits. despite ur bad hair days and crazy temper. open up your eyes a lil wider, and see who are e ones who is worth of such love and attention from you.

cos at e end of e day, what matters most is e people who is with you, right?