Things to Do

To-Do List:

  • Invoicing
  • Attendance
  • Filing
  • Print new timesheet, checklist, attendance
  • Photocopy timesheet, checklist, attendace, old timesheet
  • Buy the rubber thingy which we lost
  • Contact a senior staff for advice on certain things
  • Type out letter for van rental
  • Type out letter for a C.
  • No, before i type out e letter, consult my staff first.

so many things to do, so little time! First two is done though, cos i start doing it a few days ago, haha! Nw time to print things. Dont see like a few things nia, in actual fact i’m killing lots of tree every month for all the thing i’ve print or photocopied. Tsk. seems little e things? ha-ha-ha. come lor, you try doing. staring at all those numerical fig and names and tying them, re-typing them, calculating it over n over agn to prevent any mistake. mentally straining!

hot weather, but still i have to go and photocopy and buy things! no choice, gotta get things done!

i’ve gt pictures to upload! and bakerzin’s entry to post! 🙂 but gotta get all these things out of e way first.