Crazy fellow

DSC03636I think I must be absolutely out of my mind to go jogging in my Adidas Pink jacket. No wonder the people on the street are throwing me glances here and there. Can’t really blame them, can I?

When I looked like a wheezing ripe tomato. Seriously, can’t blame them.

Funny thing is, when I was jogging, I didn’t feel that hot, only when I stopped then I can feel the sweat trickling, woot. Quite a nice sensation actually. Tts why I tend to cover myself up when exercising. I like to enjoy the idea of a good work-out.

I look like a psychopath here but no, I’m just posing funnily for the sake of u guys. hahahah.

Ya right. 😀

And my mp3 died on me, I hate it when that happens. Seriously.

Its good to have a mini work-out though. Which reminds me, I’ve signed up for a new work-out at Gombak w Shikin. Body Sculpt! No freaking idea what it is abt, just signed cause thats e timing that we both like. LOL. toodles~