Cotton On

I was just calculating how much I’ve spent on Cotton On’s apparels late last night cos duh, its GSS. like helloooo?

I heart SALES! woohoo!

I spent 85bucks on 4 different trip to various Cotton On/Cotton On Body outlets. But seriously la, I bought a lot of things ok. 4 cheekies, 1 frilly cute bra which I have no idea what to do with it, 1 nightie, 1 lace long top, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 basic top. It’s cheap for so many things right?!

Then I was packing my newly bought clothes and as I glanced through my pile and pile and pile and.. ok you get it la, alot of clothes. I saw a lot of Cotton On stuff. I swear, its quite a plenty.

I’m going to take pics soon and blog a proper entry on it.