Where is my bag?

Right now, all I wanna do is to pack my bag, grab my passport, and whisk myself off to somewhere to play, to relax. To escape from work (loser, haha!) and to just blatantly use my laptop (without doing any work i.e emails, MS word) while lazing by the pool/beach, sipping a cup of coffee and looking at some hot guys.

Or I can just walk along some quaint little town, snap some pictures along the way, chat up with the shop owners to learn more about their life and then we can be friends! Wee.

I was out just now, and for god-knows-what reason, when I think about nxt week (which is approaching within 33mins), a feeling of dread just washes over me. Why? Is it because I’m having PMS? I certainly hope so.

Aww, holiday. I want.