I’m sure, some of you people have heard of how some guys will say women are materialistic creatures. I’ve heard of it, many, many times.

And I couldnt help but think otherwise!

Women are not being materialistic, we are mainly just being practical!

Which is nothing wrong in it I find. When women commit themselves in a relationship, a majority of us will think of the future that she will hold, tgt with the man she’s in a rship in. Very naturally, his capabilities, his education, $ will all come into the picture.


HDB no need money?

Car no need money? Admit it la, who wanna squeeze on the bus along with a string of crying children?! If you can’t afford a car, what makes you think you can afford raising a child? Do you know experts actually calculated and it takes an avg of roughly 200k to raise a child till he reaches 21?

Wedding no need money? Who will like a shabby wedding ceremony when its a once in a lifetime event?

and all these are just the “bigger things” to be mentioned. nitty gritty stuff like everyday life, like furniture, like travel plans etc. all these required money as well!

Naturally, I don’t expect my boy to be very rich straight away. (In fact, even if a man is rich, but its not by his own capabilities, I will still think he is a useless man) He is still a student, so I will judge all these based on his education, his plans for his future etc. He must let me know that he is able to provide for me and family (if this day really comes), I must see whether he has the drive and motivation to work hard and put in all his best for our future. I think its just a really natural thing for women with brains to think this way, seriously.

I’m not saying I won’t contribute, of course I will, after all, I’m a ____. (hahaha mingzhen! not yet not yet!) I believed in fair contribution in a rship, which means, both parties must be able to have the capability so both of them can afford to contribute to it right?!

I’ve heard guys who say, but love is not all these blahblahblah. Yes, love is not all these. But a rship and marriage involves all of these! Actually, if a woman thinks this way, this means she actually might see you as a marraige candidate, which is good right?!

So that means you must prove yourself to be worthy!

Whenever guys say women are materialistic (materialistic as in those very basic stuff that i’ve mentioned, not branded stuff ok!) I can’t help but think this is just a bunch of guys with no capabilities, no plans for the future, no motivation and drive to push themselves further and harder. And they will get support by telling all these to other worthless people and then they will agreed on whatever crap they’ve just said and they will continue on being worthless and stupid. And they will keep on hoping that someday, they will bump into a kind, unmaterialistic, wide-eye, young (stupid) girl, and they can live happily ever after. Vicious cycle, I will say.

As for those who don’t agree with me, who think with love everything can be conquered, who think that taking public transport is a joy as long as you’re with e person you love, who think that you can lead a happy life just by dreaming on the places that you wanna go, then haha, good for you lor!

But then again I will suggest to you, grow a brain.

You might think that I’m measuring love in monetary terms, but I can tell you I’m not, cos if I am, I won’t even be with joey in the first place. He is not rich now, I am not rich either, but I believed that in the very near future, both of us will have a not-too-bad life cos both us know what are the things that we wanna achieve and accomplish in life! Which is the key factor what! We know what we want for the future, we go and study/work that will help in our goals, and ultimately when we reached our goals, at least I will know that, he is someone who i can live with tgt for e rest of my life, you know?

Ok, I’m gg to end the post here. Ciao.