Earlier on this year, somewhere around Feb or March, I came across this article saying that 2012, a catastrophe is going to hit Earth and half of the world’s population is going to be wiped out.

Something to do with solar flare energy(you can go search articles on it, alot of different versions but mine was by some NASA or something like that, and it was predicted its gg happen on 22nd September 2012), and this is not some prophecies came up by some goondos or whatever ok. This is an article based on facts, backed up with strong concrete explanations on why it is gg to happen by a group of Scientists.

It was mentioned that USA is going to be one of the worst countries hit and its going to be a developing country afterwards. DEVELOPING COUNTRY, PEOPLE.

Can imagine not? 😦

Other countries predicted to be affected very badly are the Europe countries and China as well.


You have noooooo idea how depressed angela and I (pessimists la us)were after I touched on this topic. So much so we were thinking like what for we worked so hard? Studied so hard? When in the end we are going to die anyway, like, 3 yrs dwn e road. Damn it, I cant even get to celebrate my bday lor!

I was telling baby about it, and he was telling me that since the Scientists has found out about this solar flare thingy, then he’s sure they are going to try their best to reduce the impact to the minimum, to find a solution for it. Hmm, makes sense also.

But the thought of 2012 being the end of the world seriously saddens me. My heart was sooo heavy yesterday! Cos I keep on thinking about it. I was telling angela that I shall go travel whenever I can afford to, since 2012 is not far frm now! If I’m alive after 2012, then I shall saved up and go and further my studies.


Well, have to live life to e fullest, right?!