Goodnight, loves.


This morning I woke up and to my pleasant surprise, the Boston people were online! Hahaha jasmine, please dont kill me when you see this picture, you know I love you, right? Hehs!

And I start to webcam with jasmine, and I managed to catch snippets of manda and izzybella!


Here is our beloved frank, so entertaining even when she’s on the other side of the Earth, and best of all, over a webcam. lol, now you see why is she so greatly loved by all?

Oh yes, cheche! Frank asked for you! But you went to work already la.


Manda showing me her VS’s loots. oh whatever. haha!


And her applying lotion before she goes to bed. She’s sleeping at 11pm lor! Damn early!


Jasmine flashing me her BWS. (big wide smile)

More pictures will be up in my FB! 🙂