A movie that baby and I had been wanting to watch but missed it while it was playing in the theatre. Today, B bought e vcd and we watched it at his house and it was mad a-w-e-so-m-e.

And below is a clip on one of my favourite part of the show.


(cant seem to embed it for some reason, so heres e link!)

Totally sent chills down my spine ok! WOOT! The whole movie is basically Liam Neeson (the man in the poster, a fantastic actor in my HPOV, even though I dont know him until this movie, but seems like he is made for this movie!) going over to Paris in search for his girl who was kidnapped by this syndicate who targets on young girls who goes backpacking alone.

Then they will feed the girls with drugs, and forced them into prostitution.

And normally, girls who were being kidnapped were not found after the grace period of 96 hours.

And how did he do it? Cause he worked for the government before (something to do w security, he has all sorts of hi-tech gadgets, he can fight, and most impt of all, he gt e brains) and deal with all these type of things before he went into retirement. He can be so cool, calm and collected when his daughter was basically crying over the other end of the phone saying there were men out there trying to get her. Just look at how he talked to the kidnappers! That was after his daughter finished screaming, and he knew in his gut, thats it, his lil girl is gone. And he can talked in this manner to them!

Dont know how to put his awesomeness in words la! You must catch this movie, and you will know!

And after watching the movie B was telling me, he must show me this kind of movie then I will be more careful if I were to travel with just girls on my next overseas trip. I was telling him I will refrain from talking to any strangers, I promised.

Cause this movie really shows a whole new different type of world out there, a world where we wont even imagine it exist. Girls being forced into prostitution like this, in such a developed country like Paris, with the local police knowing it and not doing anything about it because their circle is just too strong and tight to be messed with. (I think every country will have such cases, not just Paris, but it just so happen e movie is set in that la) Girls who were captured and turns out to be Virgins? They will be sold off to wealthier people like merchandise, like goods, and they can do nothing about it cause they were being force-fed drugs. Girls who are not? First they will feed them w drugs, those who survived (hey, people can die from drug overdose) will then be brought to this small trailer with just small cloths for partitions and men will just come flowing in waiting to have a go with them. And most of the time, the girls dont know what they are doing!

I think not just me, any girl who watched e movie will be spooked! The people are smart, they dont straight away pounced on you and grabbed you from the streets, there will be like small frys waiting at the airport everyday, to prey on girls travelling alone or in pairs, then they will send this cute looking angmoh to come talk to them, to act nice and all, to share a cab w them and to also find out more details on them, where they live etc. and tt cute angmoh will report it to another bigger fry and tt  bigger fry will then send ppl to kidnap them.

Scary ok! Scarily realistic!

Ok! The trailer! But w french subtitles, but its ok, since we are bilingual anyway. hahaha!

fucking awesome.

p/s: he found the guy who said “good luck” and electrocuted him to his death in the end. how? with 2 huge metal sticks plunged into his thighs, and some wires were coiled around it. and he just switched on the power and slowly baked him to his death.