Whenever I came across a really good book, I would always want to read finish the book at a coffee house. Of course, whats e pt of gg to a coffee house if there’s no coffee? 🙂

Reading, slacking at a cafe, 2 loves of my life combined.


Besides, I’ve always think the people whom I met at cafes are interesting enough. No, I dont talk to them. I watched them, when my eyes grow a tad too tired cause I’m reading too much. There are all sorts of people in a cafe. Businessman, tai-tais, students, lovers, friends. Then I will try to decipher what kind of person they are just by observing the way they talk and all, or whether the boy is having a mega crush on this girl who is sitting across to him, and they are using lame excuses like “studying together” to meet up. All he could think is how beautiful the girl looks, he cant really concentrate on his homework, really.

I always find cafes a real romantic place. More romantic than  fancy-schmancy restuarants. Thats why when Van asked me, Would I rather have someone to pick me up from a cafe or a pub, I chose cafe in a heartbeat.  There is something magical about cafe to me, but I cant just put my finger on what is it. I just.. like it.

(digress: which will you prefer? cafe or pub?)

Oh, I’ve found a sweet cafe tucked away in Chinatown and I’ve been wanting to go there someday. Perhaps I will even just find a day and pop by the place myself. No company whatsoever, just me, my book, and a nice cup of coffee. Or hot chocolate. Yums, sounds like a perfect combination to me.