People around me are all going Redang!


People around me are like flocking to Redang!

Nicole just came back last sunday, Angela is at Redang right now I suppose, and Van is heading to Redang somewhere nxt week or the week after.


Make me miss the place so much. So I digged up old photos and make a few collages. (Erhem, I realised I promised to do a very detailed post about it before I went for e trip but I didnt. hahaha! Well, this shall make up for it la ah, even though its like 2 mths late) You can don’t click to view, it’s ok. Pics are way, way, wayyyy overdue.

redang collage 1

redang collage 4

redang collage 2

redang collage 5

redang collage 6

redang collage 7

redang collage 3


Our loveydovey picture.

The end.


Anyway, I planned to go sun-tanning today! The sun is super good for swim and tan la, but, my skin is starting to itch again. My skin condition has always been like this, if I’m exposed to the afternoon sun for too long a period, it will get very itchy, don’t know why, something I’ve got since young. (went sun-tanning last saturday frm 11+ to 2+pm) Hmm. So just to play safe, I’m going to stay at home, safe behind the blinds and in the comfort of my room.

Going to read books, catch some videos, and do my invoicing. So fast, July is approaching!