Prisoners of their own lies


I always don’t get over-friendly people.

You know, generous on hugs, on kisses and all.

Call me a prude la, but, I don’t give these to people easily, I can give shallow, meaningless hugs pretty well, but a real hug, injected with warmth and then proceed to squeeze the person so tightly till they can’t breathe, ah, that I can’t.

Body language gives the game away, normally.

It says a lot, for people who are observant enough, that is. The way he look at her when she smile, the way she will caress his hair, the way their hands will linger at each other’s for a little longer than necessary. The way he put his hands around her waist etc. Lots and lots of ways to give the game away! (it rhymes)

So, when people starts behaving this way, I can’t help but roll my eyes heavenwards whenever they think they are just plainly best friends. How to be just best friends when their body language is like this?! So, then tell me, how to differentiate between a boyfriend and a friend, you tell me?

(friendly hug: less than 3 secs, on the shoulders. bf hug: forever, around e waist, bury myself into his embrace. my definition la. but for girls hugs another story. i kiss my gfs too. its ok, i love them like that)

Haiyoh, am I getting old or are the people getting more 热情?


Hmm, but I guess they know it themselves as well, just that some won’t wish to jeopardise a great friendship, something that is so solid for a relationship which crumbles easily if not taken care of with great meticulous care. I guess that’s one main reason.

But I still think its stupid. If they find out years later that both of them love each other, the feelings are mutual, then they will be Prisoners of their own lies. For their whole life. Worth it not?