Hello People!

I’m back from the night picnic with Gloria at ACM, besides the weather being a tad too humid there’s nothing to complain about seriously. The band played such great music, people were dancing and clapping along, such a happy thing to see, really! 🙂

We took lots of pictures and I attempted to do jumpshots at various points and.. haha e results were quite amusing.

I’m gg to pack my bag for tml (10am-11am for my body sculpt and then meeting baby for swimming. shit man, i’m gonna fry under e hothot sun!) and I’m gg to catch Transformers at Iluma tml evening. Heh heh. Such a wonderful life!

I will be back with a more detailed post with truckloads of pictures cos dear Xinyi requested me to take “more more pictures!” You asked, you get! heh.

And, I dont have to go Boston to see lots of angmohs. THERE’S TONS OUT THERE LA!