Film Garde @ Iluma- bad experience

 Damn angry. And irritated as well.

As I’ve said, this evening I went to Iluma for Transformers 2, so baby and I Q-ed up for popcorn. We queued for nearly 15minutes for it, it was damn packed. And when its our turn, we realised, we’ve come to a counter that is closed.


There was no sign indicating that the counter is closed, a group of guys were loitering at that spot with popcorn and drinks and when they leave, naturally I think that they just finish their purchase, thus, it’s our turn. Excuse me la, but for other Cinemas, they actually will put up a small sign, that reads, “Counter Closed” to inform customers that the counter is actually closed. Is Film Garde trying to be special? To not follow the norm?


No staff redirect us to another counter upon seeing us at the closed counter, instead they continued on doing their own things. Now now, I’m pretty sure one or two of the staff see me and joey standing down there like two f*cking idiots. But no, they didn’t do anything. Not even a simple question like, “How may I help you?”

So, baby being Mr.Nice and all, went over to the other counter, explained our situation, hoping to just quickly buy some popcorn as the movie is actually starting soon.

The staff actually told him to RE-QUEUE all over again.

again, wtf is this?

We, as the customers, have to waste our bloody time, over a bloody mistake that the Cinema- Film Garde has made? Is it even right? Bloody hell. The more I think about it, the more pissed I am. One reason I was so pissed is cos I was really craving for popcorns just now, and my crave isn’t satsified. The movie is about to start, thus we have no choice to go to watch the movie without anything to munch on. Damn it. I was really craving for popcorn!

But I personally think that the staff behind the counter should handle the situation in a more tactful manner. Pif. Re-queue. Fucking re-queue after we’ve Q for 15minutes, in vain!

Mingzhen has already help me draft a complain letter regarding this matter (she damn pro in complain letters one la) and I’ve already emailed to Film Garde regarding this matter. But the email address is damn dubious and it’s not even for the Iluma Branch! It’s for the Kallang branch. However, thats the only email I can find over at their website so I can only try my luck.

He or She, Whoever la. Better reply me with a satisfying answer.

And seems like I’m not the only one with the complains.