Casual Poet


Today, van and I checked out this place after I chanced upon its website some time ago.

We got lost along the way la, but we still manage to get there in e end!

The place is really nice, it’s quiet as well, prolly cause it’s early still. But it’s really like taking a break from the hustle&bustle of citylife. A great place to chillax with friends.

Will be back with more pictures of the quaint lil cafe. Look out for the (more…) at the bottom.


And below are some pictures I’ve taken in e cafe.

collage casual poet


BLACKBOARD! O.M.G i love blackboard. brings back memories from the primary school days.




collage stuff




很有 feel right?!

Totally gives off a different vibe from the normal cafes in Singapore. There are books not placed in a neat manner at one corner, free for you to thumb through (i like e fact that it’s not neat, no pressure when taking books and putting it back mah! haha!) and there are notebooks and whatsnot along e sides for you to buy as well.

And what’s a cafe without food?

collage makan

Van and I love the wooden utensils.



I told you I love blackboards right?!



Our seats.

Furniture there are all so woody!



And we took like, hundreds of photos in the cafe! Really, I swear. No joke. Like a set of 10 for each of us at a different corner of the cafe. Haha! Here are a few of my fav. ones tgt w van.




All the pictures turn out to be really nice, prolly cause we’ve a very nice background where ever we posed!

I’m absolutely going back there again- soon.

Hmm. In fact, I think it will become one of my fav spot in Singapore.

For people who are looking for other places to chill with friends other than Starbucks or Coffeebean, why not try here as well?

(now now, xinyi, you’re tempted right?! Heh!)

For those who’re int to find out more abt the cafe: casual poet