Singapore River Festival


Finally, the photos editing are done!

(haha Gloria, I’m faster! Whoopee!)

collage DAY scenery

It was a beee-yooo-tee-fool day!

Albeit it was drizzling a little when we were on our way there and for the first half an hr when we first reached there, it stopped soon after! Yeah, thankful for the nice weather!

And.. Singapore is quite nice isn’t it?

collage GLORIA BF

Oh, look who we saw!

Gloria’s boyfriend! Hahahaha, but apparently he’s quite a flirt cause he hold my hand after a few mins of self introduction and Gloria was, IS, still not too pleased about it.

She’s determined to go back and confront him about it.

collage kangxi

And we queued for nearly 45 minutes just to catch the exhibition of the late Kang Xi.

And it’s bloody worth our queueing time ok!

We get to see his royal robe, the robe that he used to wear, his royal seal, where he used it for his official documents to send to his officials and subjects. His own writing, the poems he created, the things that he used, and his 文房四宝!

It’s indeed an eye-opener for people like us.

I was telling Gloria that I bet Kang Xi didn’t expect that all those will be shown to the world after a century.


After the exhibition. Gloria looking very pretty over here, I find! Hehe.


Scary looking fairies look-alike giving out brochures to let people know on the happenings of the River Festival. Ok la, some quite ok, but some was just, quite uncomfortable to look at. haha!


Now now, can anyone remember the name of this Lion? I rmb seeing him quite often when I was in Primary school. Some kindness thing one is it?

After the exhibition, it was already late evening, sun is setting, skies turning darker.

We walked through some flea market that features some of the more famous blogshops. I see some quite nice clothes but nope, didnt buy any! Dont know why eh, seeing clothes in a huge lump in a big basket isn’t appealing to me.

Not to mention, I was broke. Hahaha, which is the more impt reason! LOL.

We walked over the Central to get our food for the picnic cos my dear Sophia is too lazy to make anything. I think i should just sent her packing off for home. Balek Kampong!


Oh yes, the jumpshots I did along the way! At the bridge, at the river side, in the underground passway. Oh please, the man in the background is super extra! Some of them I did it with just one try!

But of course..


There were times like this where I just lose the feel and then get caught on camera in a very awkward position to be.


collage NIGHT scenery



Night scenery along the way. 🙂

I think Clarke Quay is one of the places that offers pretty night scenery in Singapore. With its bright lights coming frm the buildings, from the shops operating at the sides of e SG’s river, from the boats chugging along the river.

collage things we see along e way

Things that we saw along the way back with our FOOD.

I was trying to blend in tgt w the coolies in the last picture. erhem.

collage MAKAN

Our food. Subway! And sushi. Been craving for more sushi ever since then. *looks at baby* I know, I looked super dark here. Aiyah, that one and only tanning session on that fateful saturday lor! I always can’t fathom how some people can never get a tan, cos I get it super easily.

I know, dont be jealous k.



That’s how Asian Civilisation Museum looks at night. Pretty, ain’t it? 🙂

Initially, I was still quite worried that we will be the only weird ones with a mat but no. When we reached back with  our food, that small patch of grass was filled with people ON mats. haha. The group in front of us even brought their own glasses and alcohol!

collage us on mat


collage me and gloria

Nah, bombard you with our faces.




collage music and dance

And let the music and danceee beginnnnn!

People there very high leh, they were dancing along to the upbeat music and I really must give credit to the band playing up there. They ooooozes energy man! Like, OOOOZES.

But we saw this woman spinning away from her male dancer….

and spin…

and land right smack at the side, onto some innocent onlookers sitting there.



Vote for the ugliest one.

The performance was in 2 parts, 1st was the cuban jazz, 2nd was some latino music, whichwe didn’t stay to listen. Cos it was nearly 11, and we wanna be able to reach home before 12mdn! hahaha! Need to save on transport mah, who ask her to move to Yishun! Share cab also cannot share!

collage us bridge

collage me on bridge


I loved the night! It not the norm things Singaporeans normally do, go out, makan, watch movie. We went to a museum, we had a night picnic, and we swayed along to Cuban jazz!

Fun night spent with my lovely!


much loves.