Sweet old daddy of mine

DSC03999 This morning, while I was using the laptop, I heard the familiar jingle of keys and footsteps and I knew that daddy is home! When I asked him where’s he been too (cos he’s later than usual) he said he went to Popular.

Now now, my dad isn’t the type that will go to Popular to go and get things. He does, but rarely.

He said he wanna find some photoframes for cheche (aiyoh, after the aircon was installed right? 2 of her photos dropped from the wall can!) and he told me he gt a whiteboard for me!


I very easily contented one leh.

Easily touched also.

You know, like my daddy isn’t the type very expressive with words so he will do it with his actions. So when he get something for me just because he’s been noticing that I’ve been scribbling on random pieces of paper!

So, so sweet.


And of cos, he’s the one who help to nail it to the wall as well. heh!