Love story


I’m sure all you guys know that Joey and I have been tgt for nearly 3 years half.

Which actually literally feel like forever, really, esp when he’s my first serious r.ship and all. (And the many more years to come! I see him as a partner, so it really is forever, isn’t it?) Putting in effort and committing myself into one. When I was 17, I didn’t think of the implications it will have, of going into a serious relationship that early. I will be thinking, “what implications it will have la exactly” when adults try to let me have some in sight of having a r.ship.

Not saying that it isn’t good of course, just that sometimes I will feel that I’m missing out things in life, the fun and the freedom of a carefree young woman should have. Like, the early twenties being the best years of our lifes and all. (bloody true please, I think woman after a certain age no market value already. unless you slap on lotions and whats not on yourself that worth thousands in total every month) You know, sometimes I will just think. Is it worth it not? What if it don’t work out? Then it will be a “waste” of my best years leh. A waste not saying I shouldn’t spend the years with him or it’s a waste of my time, but more of, “sa-yang”. You know?

Then, I start to really think about it and reflect on the whole situation. (oh yes, I do reflections out of nowhere, I think reflections very impt leh, need to constantly do it, be it anywhere, while waiting for MRT or whatever) And I came to a conclusion.

I know I’m missing out the things in life, and I can’t predict our future, but, I think it’s worth it, at least up till this point, cause I have you by my side.

Through the time we’ve spent tgt, we’ve learn more and still learning about each other and our own character, on how to make (good) little changes to make our r.ship an even better one. And I remember our times tgt, that of course. You were there for me, holding me while I was sobbing over my lousy field practicum results cause every now and then, we’ll meet a wonderful mentor in our FP. We had so much fun when both of us are in our good mood (hahaha!) and we can literally just laugh over anything. You craddled me in your embrace everytime you came for sleepover and still do. You had the most pitiful look if you know you’ve done something wrong and is begging for my forgiveness. hahaha! Sometimes when I go to your place, you’ll always have a sneaky look on your face before coming over and kiss me. If I break away too soon you’ll ask for another one. Aww, cute. You driving over to find me cause i’m bedridden due to another high fever or whatsnot. You trying to be romantic even though you’re not but I personally think you can try harder la huh. And how can I forget your special spongebob towel! The towel that’s only for me and you. 🙂 How you continue to love me even when I was fat like a whale and bringing me to the gym tgt, teaching me how to use those machines, helping me to get back my slender shape! And many more, I’m sure, but I can’t possibly list everything down isn’t it.

Yes baby, it’s worth it, at least up till this point, cause I have you by my side.