A what-have-I-done post

 Things I’ve done today:

  • Read through lesson plans
  • Do finish mindmap and calculations
  • Saw someone worthy enough for me to PUI CAO NUA.
  • Got my 1st customer for birthday parties! (You’ll nv guess in a million yrs who is it!)
  • Contact a no. of people regarding work
  • give a surprise to baby!
  • Get ALL the photocopying and printing stuff done. Yes, ALL.

Read through lesson plans;

Ok. I don’t know what’s gg on with me today, but I had a sudden urge to go Railway Mall’s Coffeebean because well, it’s rather out of the way for most people (not for me, I’ve a straight bus from my house) thus it’s rather quiet and I just think it will be good to have some me-time.

Although I was coughing and sneezing at some pt of time like a H1N1 patient. erhem*



The air-conditioner at the said place actually broken down on that very day! Pifffffffffff. The luck! But I stayed on anyway, got myself a large cup of ice blended mocha w whipped cream (no, I dont wish to know how many calories I’ve drink in) and read through my lesson plans like a nerd preparing for an exam. Write down notes here and there to remind myself to tell my colleagues of the things to look out for etc. *pats back. Good job, aunty W.

Pui Cao Nua;

Let me just get to e PCN person.

He, is a relative of mine.(sadly, yes.) Fucking rich, live in a condo, blahblahblah. But!

Super ngiao, super giam siap, refuse to even part with like 70 bucks per month to pay something which is shared.

I think he recognised me, he was looking at me. I turned to his direction where he was seated at, and I glared at him and I walked off.


What? Cannot ah. Some people, don’t need to be kind to them one!

Mindmap and calculations;

Yipee doo! Lets give me another pat on my back shall we? 😀 I do finish a “mindmap” which actually resembles random scribbling in a very orderly manner. Purpose of it? For tml’s meeting with MZ. It’s quite short, but I’ve already added in things which I felt were more relevant and the rest will have to be discussed with her.

Let’s just see whether my work is being appreciated, shall we? 😉

1st customer for birthday partiessss!;

Guess who guess who guess who?!

So there I was, sipping on my mocha, daydreaming, stoning a little when I saw someone looking very familiar walked past the front of the shop. A bit different, but a recognisable face. She turned, we looked at each other, 2 pair of eyes goes wide, and I think I went,


(Hannar, bimbo la, I know!)

I saw Miss Wee la! (ok, in actual fact she is married, and her 2nd baby is due in 1half mth time, but I’m used to calling her that. My literature teacher when I was in lower sec!) And we started chatting and she told me she was thinking of approaching me to do a bday party for her son, Dernen!

Of course I said yes!

A bday party conducted by her ex-student for her son. Hmm. Funny how things turns out in life. hahaha!

If everything goes well, I will soon be meeting her bilingual kid! Ohhhhh, excitedddd!

Anyway, she didn’t change much. Still look very young, just that she’s pregnant. Everything else abt her is the same, including her big eyes. hahaha!

Contact people;

Ya, quite a no. of people.

All of them regarding work! Oh no, where is my social life?!

Some called me, some I made the calls. And some I’ve to psycho myself abit before making the calls.

But well, I get things done! So, no complains!

And I think I sounded more professional and confident when talking to principals already, yeahie! *claps* Practise makes perfect!

Surprise for baby!;

I was at Railway Mall what. Sooooo, I decided to buy dinner for baby as well as to surprise him a little la.(workplace: sunsetway) I think it’s been quite long since I made a human-entrance surprise. I actually finished my work quite early, and was scribbling and writing in my lil book which I bought not so long ago, staring into space, just so I can dragggggg e time till nearly 6pm! (which is e start of his working hrs)

I bought Subway Club, on wheat, all veggies except onions, e way he likes it. Or I suppose. haha oopsy daisy.

Waited for 184, time checked, and it was around 5.30pm-ish. 184 came, boarded the bus.

And guess what?







I’m on the freaking same bus as him.


He was sleeping though, and I quickly hid behind a big-sized man, sitting behind him, praying that baby won’t see me. And he didn’t!

Not until when we alighted, and he turned while I was tailing behind him la.

The cheek of him! 1st thing he told me was,

“You’re a lousy sneaker!”

KNS. In return I told him he is an unappreciative bastard. hahahaha.

But he seems very happy with his dinner I bought for him.


and thats all it matters.

Photocopy/Printing all done!;

Haiyoh, finally. All printed out, all arranged to be given to different people.

Even though it’s v near my house, I will still find it out of my way to keep going down to photocopy things, cos there is ALWAYS more things to be photocopied one. Endless stream of paper I would say. And sometimes, I will lost track of what I’ve printed or photocopied! Cos I will like to collate most of them tgt then do it as it will be cheaper in that way.

E auntie know me already lor, even give me discounts can! hahaha!

Daddy asked me to buy one and put at home.

I gave him a o.O look.


All in all, I would say its a well-spent day!