Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

 albus dumbledore

IMHO, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was one of the best , yet, in the Harry Potter series. If you’ve been an avid fan of the H.P movie series, you will realised that in this movie, it is definitely much, much darker. (Gone are all those pets man. eg Hedwig and Crookshanks, all those little stuff that makes e movie a lil cuter) And I must say this movie really do follow the book rather closely, showing the important parts in the movie.

And I realised the movie seems to be not about tracing back the memories that involves Lord Voldemort and also, the love stories of the trio. Is it that important for the movie? Not really, I think. But do we enjoy watching it? Of course. Esp for Ron and Hermoine. I seriously think Hermoine is damn pretty, and of course she is, since she is the new face for Chanel’s fall and winter collection.

But thats not my point for this entry anyway!

As you guys already know, *gulps* Albus Dumbledore died in this movie!!!!!!!!


Le sighhh.

The greatest wizard of all times. Now only lives in a picture! How sad. I know I am going to cry even before the movie starts but I really didnt expect myself to cry so hard/badly even when the movie ends. Aiyoh, I start crying when Bellatrix (or however her name is spelt, e one that killed Sirius!) and gang came up to Hogwarts and is circling around Dumbledore! I cried even more jialat when they film him dropping from the tower!

I cry somemore when the group of teachers and students all crowd around him, and they using their wands to make the dark sign in the sky go away!  (but the movie never show the burial of Dumbledore, in the book JK Rowling even described e memories of Dumbledore, e way Harry Potter rmbs him, wah I tell you, if they show that I will cry till I flood the whole place!)

I still continue crying even when the movie ended, when I’m sitting in the toilet cubicle!

Hahahaha! Yes, I really cried!!!

Baby don’t get it, he say I am just crying over a fictional character. But noooo. He isn’t a fictional character to me! He is Albus Dumbledore, Headmasters of Hogwarts, Mentor of Harry Potter, a Kind and Benevolent leader, the Greatest Wizard of ALL TIMESSS! YOU KNOW?! Like how he is so weak after drinking all the juice/water to get to the (fake) horcrux, but yet he still can save Harry Potter from all that disgusting creatures that live in e sea! Weaken, but yet still can conjure such magnificent magic/power from his wand!!!

Aiyah, he is dead.

(when the last book of H.P was out, I was secretly praying that JK Rowling will make him come back to life or something. but apparently, she didnt. GAH)