Solar Eclipse / HEROES


22nd July 2009

One of the longest solar eclipse we will ever get to experience in this century, in fact, its the longest lasting solar eclipse ever experienced!

Baby and I call this, the HEROES sun. haha!

And he was crapping with me how his body feel so weird, like something different is happening to him, this morning. (think too much la he)

If you were to have a superpower, just like the people in Heroes, what power do you wish to possess?

I will wish to teleport at will!

While baby chose some crappy one like super agility of the human body or something. Who cares about agility?! Hahaha!

If I really can teleport at will, I can teleport to any countries that I wish to visit just like that!

*close eyes and squeeze it really tightly*

In fact, I can teleport my friends together with me, and we can have so much fun together, just teleporting here and there, at will! WOOOOHOOOO!

But then again, don’t ever ever step on my toes, cause I will just teleport you to some god damn place and I will leave you to rot and die there on your own while I will happily teleport myself back. haha! And the first person I will teleport if I ever ever have e power is ….. 🙂 Oh hell yea, I do have a person in mind.

I will never ever be late for appointments or meet-ups. I can use all the time to get myself ready or to sleep longer cos all I need to do it is close my eyes and I will be at the venue I wish to be at. I can go out and party/chill/drink till wee hours in the morning and all I have to do is teleport myself back to my home. I can reach places in seconds! No matter where it is! Cool or what?!


Sigh. If only its real la.