The first graduate in the family

 cheche n me small

My cheche in her graduate robe and mortar board!

And me with my chiffon flower in my hair. -_-

On friday I attended cheche’s convocation! She graduated with 2nd upper honors, totally amazing considering the hectic schedule she had while she was a student.

Am very proud of my dear old sis!

hall collage

In the hall. We got pretty lousy seats cos we were the last few to go into the hall as guests I think! Well, cant be helped, something last minute cropped up for work and I was discussing it with mingzhen over e phone. I really hate  am still getting used to the fact that work will pop out no matter what no matter when, even during my sis’s convocation. And mummy actually stood at one side waiting for me all this while cos she dont know where to go you know. But baby will always tell me, “what to do, you are a  – what.”

hannar hannar.


hahaha, again, I think only mingzhen understand. *looks at her*


Some big shot giving a speech.

Anyway after this big shot finished his piece, this really charismatic lady gave a speech of her own as well, an ex-lecturer as well. She is really pretty imo, her skin is really quite flawless and she speaks with a british accent. HOW COOL IS THAT. and and and, she is freaking 50.


she really just look like someone who is in her early thirties! really!

collage me n mummy

My very pretty mummy in her newly bought dress. 🙂

Hahaha the audacity of her! She actually dozed off halfway into the ceremony ok! Cos it was boring la, I mean, she dont really understand english, so she don’t understand whatever the speaker was saying most of the time. I was abt to turn and talk to her and to my amusement/horror, I found her sleeping rather comfortably in her seat!


So I woke her up by taking pictures with her. hehe.

Anyway so yadda yadda, hundreds of people collected their degrees, and finally, it was my sis’s turn. Mummy and I clapped uber loudly for her, the auntie sitting nxt to mummy turned and looked at us. Pif. Cannot ah?! Cheer for own family member what.

During the whole ceremony, what struck me was, not much of the guests clapped the entire time when graduates were up there collecting their degree.  Actually, all of them deserved the claps dont they? They worked hard and they finally graduated, they really do deserved those claps. EXCEPT.

For the old grannies and ah gongs, at least those that I can see.

I’m serious, they clapped all the way. Every single one of the gradates. I knew cos around 3 or 4 of them were sitting just behind me, another one was seated right at e top corner cos she’s in a wheelchair. But she, still clapped for the entire ceremony ok?!

Then I recalled something that my maternal grandma once told me. (we were at some ceremony as well I rmb, and she also was clapping for everyone and I asked why so?)

” Cause they are also somebody else’s grandchild, I hope that if I clapped for their grandchildren, they too will clap for mine.”

Phwoar. Old people and their nuggets of wisdom.

So, anyhoos, the ceremony was over, then it was phototaking time!




And of cos, whats a photo taking session without the lecturers right? But I seriously hate taking pictures when there are obviously many other cameras around, their eyes will be all over! Thats like my 2nd pet peeves when comes to photo-taking. This is one of the better ones, I’m not gg to post e rest up in my blog since I’ve already posted it in FB.

The 1st will be a huge gap between the people in the picture. Such a huge gap for what?!

mama n me small

mama n cheche small

cheche tinky small

One of cheche’s friend whom I happen to like alot, cos she is damn funny. They all call her tinky and so I follow suit. She exudes funnyness lor I tell you, she is just a very funny person. hahaha!

kl jh sarah small

Cheche’s secondary school friends! 🙂 Jiahui and Sarah. Both very nice people as well, I rmb I once contacted Sarah in e middle of e night cos my dear sis didnt pick up our phone calls at all and its already 2am in the morning kind! She v kindly contacted other friends and updated me on cheche’s whereabouts! 🙂

And at e same time my sis’s friends now all know she went “missing”. hahahah!

duo small

jiahui cheche small

duo w backgrd small

Whoa. This girl, is like my sis’s friend since Kindergarten. Same class from Kindergarten to Sec4 ok!!!!


her family and my family are like friends also. haha! amazing how friendships can be formed.

collage xinwang


And we proceed to Anchor Pt for XinWang! The graduate’s treat of cos.

 I really love their Borsch soup! yummmmy*

And I got a bag from Charles&Keith, as well as a card which I got a day earlier on, for cheche, as a present for her graduation. I didnt get any flowers for her not because I’m unthoughtful ok! Is cos my sis is allergic to pollen! So imagine the horror/delight on my sis’ face when she received flowers from her friends. hahahah!