Oh yes, I really do miss Tian Wang!

Pictures and post on last saturday w baby under e cut.


collage at car

Well, last saturday was a pretty splendid day in my standards! We combed quite a no. of places, all of which is both of our first time gg there as a couple! Right baby?! 🙂

As usual, self-entertaining in baby’s car while he is driving. I went for super casual beach-y look that day cos I seriously do not know what to wear. And no, I don’t think I need more clothes, I’ve more than enough actually. haha! Weird, recently even if I do blogshop nothing really catches my eye. hmm.

1st stop of e day was West Coast Plaza!

Whoa, it was really quite different from the old Ginza Plaza. I still rmb the last time I stepped there was prolly ard 3 yrs ago. Now its nice, for shopping centre standards, but not much to explore though. But if you’re a Nike fan I’ll advise you to go and check e items out. Prices are all cheaper, and frankly speaking, I don’t really care if the merchandise there are last season or whatever, cos its sports clothes leh deh! What differences does it make?!

And we decide to settle our lunch at Tian Wang’s. Oh yes, e famous Tian Wang which I’ve been craving for the past week. ( I’m gg there agn this sat! hehe!) And what a smart/lucky decision we’ve made. The food there was fabulousss, dimsum has 20% discount if you dine in there frm 2-5pm, and e rest of their dishes are pretty cheap for restuarant’s standards as well.

collage B

that’s baby waiting patiently for his food with his barley drink. I do have a handsome boyfriend, don’t I? haha! Sometimes I will conveniently forget the fact cos we’ve been tgt for so long, but sometimes when I look at him, I can’t deny the fact; he is one attractive man.


A glimpse of the menu. Cheap enough right?! At least cheaper than the raging CharChanTengs in singapore right, baby and I also both reckon that the food is much better here. (haha, I like doing advert for them!)

collage food


Just look at the fooooood. Aww, I miss those prawns. hahaha! And their Dimsum!

Look at the collage of the food on top, see the small appetizer of peanuts? Whoa, I love peanuts simmered/cooked in such way man! I just keep eating when the waitress placed it in front of us. Even when baby was ordering our food, I just attaaacccccked. Till its all gone. haha!

Then we went for our movie- Haunting in Connecticut. Whoa. Baby and I had the longest debate over what movie to watch. But in the end I gave in, cause its been very long since I last watched a horror film with him, turns out the movie isn’t that scary. But then agn, I pressed my ears damn tightly whenever the scary music is up. And just watching e scene doesn’t scares me as much. A great tip for those who love horror but afraid to watch it!

After e movie, I suggested going to Clark Quay, buy some drinks, and just sit along those stone seats by Sg River.

Yah, that was e plan.

We Baby lost his way. But nvm, cos he brought me to Marina Barrage! 🙂 blessing in disguise, yes?




Singapore quite pretty right? Haha! Eh, these pics taken by my camera’s phone, not too bad right?!


baby very inspired to do ghost-like pictures after watching e movie. Anyway, just a bit of info. Haunting in Connecticut is based on a true story. Uh huh. But it was way way back though, like 1987. I wiki-ed it. And apparently, there’s even a documentary on it; you can find it in youtube, according to baby.

ooook. eerie stuff aside. we took quite a no. of loveydovey shots! hehe!

Its been quite some time since we do that though. But anyway, some of e pics seems like I’m snuggling to joey cos I am! I was sitting on his lap! haha!


I love this pic, cos our eyes seem to sparkle!


I love this cos I seems to be so smallllll, all snug and warm in his embrace. 😀


I love this cos it’s really hard to take a nice kissing picture. Hahaha! And we both look so happy kissing each other! 🙂


And I  this cos its my babyboy.