Run Run Run


 Feeling quite proud of myself because I ran 7.6km when I hit the gym yesterday! Then I did some body sculpting with the weights and one of e machine which I so love cos personally I think its sooo good for my jiggly triceps. I can really feel the ache after like 3 sets of 8.  I introduced it to shikin and she loved it as well!

Uh-huh, that’s quite a feat considering I’m never a runner. I get tired after like 2km. I’m serious. No idea why I’ve e energy to run so long but boy, was I glad when I finally finished running. And surprise surprise, my leg’s muscles ain’t that painful today as well. So I guess I’m ready to hit the gym again!

Been bugging jasmine for fast/upbeat songs specially just for my treadmill. Note, not gym ok, TREADMILL. uh-huh, one special album specially dedicated when I’m on it. And I tend to blast the music really loudly as well, I think at this rate I’m going, I will be deaf pretty soon. Haha!

Hitting e gym tml after wait. Can’t work! And yes, I tend to hit the gym alone! I am quite independent in this area! Hahaha!