"Hi, can I please have vidermin worder(vitamin water)"

 Ok dokes.

Now for e benefit of those who don’t know amanda, I finally got pictures of her in this post! Haha!


A shot of amanda with the 3-screen thingy baby bought for me! (oh shit! totally forgot about that post as well! hahaha, nxt time ah! baby bought me quite a no. of useless but cute stuff that day!) When I asked her to take a picture of me, its either I look super ugly or I have 3 heads. See mine! Artistic right?! haha!

collage DTF

We ordered beef noodle, XLB, and a pork chop to share. And a mango pudding each. Desserts are never meant to be shared. LOL. The pork chop is heavenly.


Check out the things she got for me! I even got a VICTORIA SECRET’S PAPERBAG!! ahahah! omg total cheap thrill, but well, you have not?! dont have right?! (those come back from boston shut up la) so let me happy la! haha!

VS’s new bodymist- i smell damn sweet everytime i spray this on. and it isn’t too overpowering too. just the way i like. 🙂

KIRSPIESSSS. – i ate it e day after. a good after gym snack!

RASPBERRY VODKAAAAA- i just had one glass of it mixed with sprite. ohhh yums!


Ignore my weird face.

Aero teeshirt from amandaaaa!

And the shorts I asked her to get from VS. teehee. It looks like bloomers though. The snowflakes pattern on it is so christmasy!

Ok, I’m done. Super short post, I know!