Hey baby.


Its 15th today.

Which means baby and I’ve been tgt for 3half years. 说长不长,说短不短. But it sure is a very wonderful journey I’ve had with him thus far. We grow and learn tgt as a couple, and boy, we sure did learn on a lot of things about each other, about ourselves, and ofcourse, about our relationship.

We didnt set to make this relationship last till 天长地久 but of course we didnt mean for us to like break off the next week either. I guess, we’re the kind, who will just 走一步,看一步 and within the period that we’re tgt, we just make sure we are enjoying each other prescence and company, and that ultimately, we’re happy tgt.

We had sour/unhappy periods. Periods whereby sometimes I feel jaded on this whole rship thing and I will find myself thinking, it will be so much easier if I’m single again. (so drama-mama, but its true)  But a thought is just a thought. My love for him will always overcome such negativity and at the end of e day, we will alway talk it out (or sometimes, forcing it out) and solve it. And thats hw we get to this day.

You gt a problem, you talk it out, you solve it, you move on.

I always count myself lucky in the relationship department.

I mean, just look at who I’ve got. I have Joey.

He isn’t the sort who check on me 24/7 to check on who I’m with, what I’m doing. He isn’t the sort who controlled the kind of friends I’m going out with. He trust me enough to let me have my own personal space and time. Even though he always act like he is jealous, but I know deep down he is not. He is trying to amuse his girlfriend. haha! He isn’t a jerk either, he don’t go around playing with my heart and trust by betraying me. Sometimes, when gg out, I have to ask him to check on other hot girls! Cause I can’t resist them as well. He knows where he is going in life, at least, for now, and he is working hard towards it. He is kind, responsible and filial.

He is one hell of a funny guy as well. He is so funny, I’m telling you. He gets my sense of humour. He is able to look beneath my mean/evil/bitchy covers and discover who I really am; that I’m really just a bloody nice person, erhem! haha! He is able to finish off my sentences at times.

He is not judgemental. He tries to listen to me, and he understands me.

He loves me when I’m at my fattest, he held me in his arms when I’m wrecked with sadness and tell me that everything is going to be ok. And now, he knows how to make me smile whenever he is in trouble with me, that dense boy, he finally gets it! haha!

He respects me, and even though he is now not financially stable, he will try his very best to shower me with his own kind of love and lil presents. He gets worried when I have to go home alone at night, whenever we are out, he makes sure he send me home and then he will cab home himself.

He is a Mr.Nice to everybody, not just to me. He is nice to the uncle/aunties selling sugar cane juice, to the one working in fast food restaurants, to everyone. And I know, thats who he really is. He is comfortable in his own skin, he is not the clingy sort who needs his girlfriend by the side to feel safe, he’s got his own circle of good friends, basically, he’s got his own life, which is v impt, to me.

He is friendly, he loves my friends, loves hanging out them, haha, esp mark. erhem.

Yes, he is a very petty man sometimes. Yes, he pisses me off most of the times, haha. Yes, he isn’t the most sweet or romantic guy I’ve ever met.

But yes, all his strengths are enough to cover up a few of his flaws, I think.

And yes, I love him, very much, from the bottom of my heart.