After 2


So, last tuesday was After 2’s furniture exhibition. It’s held in NAFA and all the works displayed in the exhibition are all designed and made from the students in the school/class of furniture design. Baby’s work was being picked to display along with some others.

But ofcos I don’t care the others, I went there for baby’s sake!





And this is Eet. Baby’s work of labour. It’s made from the remains of a chair/table, computer wire organiser and some soft thing for the seat. And ta-da, you’ve gt Eet! Only artsy fartsy people can come up with things like that la, or perhaps, all of us is able to come up with something creative, just that we couldnt be bothered to tap more into our inner creative self. lol.

It looks like a bug eh?

I was telling baby, little children will absolutely adore this chair of his. Doesn’t it just attract kids?!


auntie must test test the seat abit. heh!



All these are some of the other furnitures in the exhibition by his fellow classmates. Personally, I think the swimming pool deck chair with e strings and all is pretty ugly. But its interesting, I must say.


The theme was of cardboard/recycled materials and I must say this exhibition really stays true to their theme. Even all these display boards are all cardboards, they just carve the letterings in. The first picture with the title at e very top of my entry is also made of cardboard.



hehe. check out baby!


baby with his parents. so cute, uncle and auntie wearing couple clothes; pink! heh!