A lil unwell


been feeling a lil unwell since yesterday, took a day off for today to rest at home and boy, did I really rest. I napped for 4 hrs str8 even tho I was fully awake and my main purpose in lying on the bed is to rest my swollen ankle/foot/leg.

Ya la. Swollen. Still able to move around but not for long, the nerve inside or whatever tts inside will start protesting by going tiu tiu tiu.

Haha, know what I mean nt?

Walking in the rain always makes me feel sick after.

I should have known better when I walked in the rain on sunday just now!

And, I have lots of interesting things to post but somehow I’ve lost the interest in blogging. I was thinking I will just close down this space here and do a bit of writing in my own book or in Facebook’s notes if I do have an urge to pen something down.

I have Miss Wee’s son, Dernen Ong, pictures! I think I’m the only shuqunites to ever get to see her son. haha!

And of our little adventure with my friend frm overseas, Neil C. Jackson.

Surprisingly we didnt took that many photos leh. I only took around 40 odd and gloria took around 60 odd. Oh wells, like what gloria said when I told her about my little finding,

“I guess we are too busy having fun”

Yes, it was really fun! Yours truly gets a lil bit too tipsy tho, but all in all, it was fun!

But I seriously think I make a super lousy tour guide. I even rmb wrongly the year when Sir Stamford Raffles first founded Singapore. hahahaha.