still no mood to blog

hi there people.

uh huh, still no mood to blog!

besides its gg to be the starting of a new month, which means i’m busy doing work-related stuff again. so yea, guess blogging will be left till like nxt week. or tonight. if i’m hardworking enough.

last night i psycho-ed baby to sleep at my hse agn (he slept over on fri as well, after e meet up w e nippies) and he did!  gah, i make such a good salesman seriously. cos we spent so little time tgt on saturday itself. we only met at like what, 9pm?! yea, he is that busy. we watched year one. funny lameass shit. hahahaha. but i wouldnt recommend you to buy it over e wkends tho. anyway, we fall asleep in each other arms and when we woke up, we’re always always apart from each other. Why ah?!

anyway damn pathetic la, we squeezed tgt onto one single mattress k! cos my parents sleeping already, e other spare one is in their room. but anyhoos, i’m glad i have tt more time w him. even tho we didnt do anything, except to sleep. hahaha.

on a sidenote: i’m leaving on an airplaneeeee on 10sept!

😀 happyness!

ah, v hungry. waiting for my bfast to arrive.

i woke up at 8+am tgt w baby ok! (he needs to go sch again, no time for me!) and i tried going back to sleep cos e weather is oh sooooo good.

but nope, the sleeping bug leaves me for someone else already.

oh no. i suddenly rmb i have to iron my daddy’s clothes.